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Presentation & Projects by GRB Enterprises

City of Orlando - Downtown Orlando Visitor Center

In collaboration with Downtown Orlando FL Economic Development Department, GRB Enterprises has placed their Virtual 'Me" to City's Visitor Center.

Seacoast National Bank - Presentation

Seacoast National Bank Presentations - please click on the image!

Virtual "Me" in Camo

Virtual "Me" in Pink


Projects by Spyeglass



Creative displays can easily be used in both outdoor/tent environments and in exhibition centers around the country. One distinguished promotion was created for the Nissan Leaf electric car and the Livestrong team. For their tradeshow booth, an interactive touch screen was created to encourage the public to become engaged and learn about the new Nissan Leaf.

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InWindow Outdoor, a New York based, outdoor advertising company, deployed 3M Vikuiti Screens for its nationwide Coraline campaign. The project involved large vinyl graphics with sections of interactive screens, holographic images and augmented reality.




Eurocopter embraced the digital design concept for their booth at the Heli-Expo Show in Houston, Texas. According to Nate Nelson, an exhibit designer assigned to the project, "It was very important that Eurocopter present themselves as the most innovative helicopter manufacturer in the world..."

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Jerry Remy


"The most striking feature inside the restaurant is the view - on television."   - New York Times


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Virtual Presenter


A projector is placed behind, and connected to your computer or DVD player, showing your video on the screen. Directional hidden speakers play the sound, resulting in a life-like video representation of your salesperson - that never needs a break!

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Intel Infoscape


When Foghorn Creative was looking for a high resolution screen display for Intel, they turned to Spyeglass for assistance. Our design team chose Vikuiti RPF film by 3M for its ambient light fighting properties, and applied it to 84" x 84" custom made glass panels.

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